Disposable plates and Disposable Glass as small business

Business is a class that never ends. It will continue till decades. The ideas of business may change along with but never it’s need and demand.

Start your own small business by making and manufacturing Disposable Plates and Disposable glass through automatic disposable plates and glass making machines that needs no labor and much man work.

According to business wires the us paper cups and paper plate markets reached a value of $20.7 billion in 2018

According to the report, the market is expected to reach a value of US $21.8 Billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of nearly 1% during 2019-2024.

Need and Demand of Disposable plates and glasses

Disposable plates and glasses are of much worth for humans as many of the functions that include victory parties, marriage ceremonies, family functions, and other gatherings that requires lunches and dinners need a large amount of Disposable plates that ease out the worry of washing ceramic plates and reusing. ceramic plates need to be washed off for the next use while disposable plates are of worth out of this headache.

Along with these Disposable plates the same requirement comes out for disposable glasses. For large gatherings having lunch or dinner Disposable glass is also required for the same on drinking purposes. They don’t cost much, hence no one bothers to avoid buying for such things.

Disposable plates,Disposable Glass,small business
Disposable plates

Types of Disposable plates and Glasses

1Disposable Paper Plates Paper Glass
2Silver Foil Paper PlateDisposable Plastic Glass
3Designer Paper PlatePrinted Paper Glasses
4Printed Paper PlateDisposable transparent glasses
5Laminated Paper PlateThermocol glasses
6Mica Paper PlateDisposable wine and
short Glasses

Machines required for disposable plates and glass

small, Automatic and semi automatic

There are many small, automatic and semi automatic machines available in the market that will help you start your small business at low cost. For example, A new semi-automatic single die paper making machine manufactured by “India mart” uses paper as raw material and makes 0-500 pc/hr on 2 Kw and 210 volt electric power supply and is available for as low as Rs. 28,000 in Indian currency.

You can buy either semi automatic or fully automatic and as according to your budget. There are various options to buy for. You can check the capacity of each machine and the manufacturing ratio as according to the demand and supply.

Disposable plate,Disposable glass,small business
Disposable glass

Start your small business of Paper plates and glasses

To start with the making and manufacturing of disposable glass and plates you need to keep some essential points in your mind regarding the business.

1. Chose a place where you can set up your machines without any objections or obligations from your neighbour and nearby.

2. Ensure you have the required line and meter connections that requires setting up of the machine (i.e. 3 phase line, 2+ kw meter, etc) to avoid penal activities.

3. The raw materials can be easily kept near around the manufacturing machines so that it’s easy to feed the machines for efficient outputs.

4. Ensure that your transportation system easily reaches the place for the demand and supply of the products.

5 Keep your machines safe from other unnatural events like (rain, storm, robbery) and avoid from others who can damage your equipment.

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Some key points before starting with disposable plates and glass making business

Before starting any business weather small or big, one should always ensure some of the key things that are discussed below :

1. Never start any business unless you perform qualified market research. Know all about the needs and demands of the products that the market is hungry for. Search your locale and areas where such products are widely on demand.

2. Search for places where the demands of disposable plates and disposable glass is on high.

3. Make contacts and keep in touch with the sellers that buy and sell such things huge.

4. Try to catch and fix some sellers that agrees to buy your products on regular basis.

5. Grab some event managers and wedding organizers who can purchase your products in large quantities and on regular basis when ever they organize any events or gatherings.

Lastly, analyze your competitors if there exists around. Know where and why and in what quantity they are making the plates and glasses so as to keep your self above them at all cost for the growth and development of the business.


If you are willing to start your own small business and want to build it high and move it to the next level but have a low budget for investment, then this Disposable plates and Disposable glass making business is a worth pocket friendly small scale business idea that you can chose for your dream earning.

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