Egg tray Making Business – New Business trend

Business is a standard that keeps on going for long. Working on a 9 to 5 tight scheduled hectic jobs has been an ongoing headache for youngsters now-a-days. To switch out and make days of dream come true, people are switching out towards small scale business setups. These small New business trend can make them to turn into high profitable business which will further make them stand in the race of a complete businessman.

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To start with a small business scale, Egg tray making business is an ideal new business idea that can be implemented for a descent start towards earning.

Starting with an Egg tray making Business

Egg tray Making Machine - New Business trend
small scale business
small business
small business trends
small business trending ideas
Egg tray making business – New business trend

Egg trays are majorly used now a days for the keeping and supplying of eggs that is needed nearly all round the world. Egg trays are nearly in demand and a major supply is needed every where time to time. Starting with a small scale business of egg trays can empower and make your earnings to boost on business scale.

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Demand in the Market

Egg tray Making Machine - New Business trend
small scale business
small business
small business trends
small business trending ideas
Know Egg Demand in the Market for starting Egg tray making Business

The demand of egg trays are increasing day by day because it falls on the usage of eggs that are consumed per day. As the consumption of eggs are increasing, the demand of egg trays are also increasing. Researchers have provided a data regarding egg cartoons that are expanding at a significant CAGR of 6.0% during 2018-2027. Through this data we can easily conclude about the increase in demands of egg trays.

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Set up of a Pulp Molding Plant

Egg tray Making Machine - New Business trend
small scale business
small business
small business trends
small business trending ideas
Pulp Molding Plant – A part of Egg tray making business

To start with an Egg tray Making Business one needs to setup a pulp Molding plant that contains egg tray making machines used for manufacturing of egg trays, boxes and and other containers as required.

Molded pulp in a pulp molding plant is a packaging material, that is generally made from waste and recycled papers.

Place required for Setup

For the required setup of egg tray making machine you need a convenient place for where you can easily install your equipments and get things on the go. But before doing all this, just keep in mind some of the key things like-

1. Chose the right place where you can install your equipments i.e away from the societal areas where somewhat uneasiness can occur among the people.

2. Ensure you have the required electric connection (i.e., 3 phase connection, 2+ kw meter etc as per machines requirement).

3. The chosen place must be easy for transportation of raw materials and manufactured products.

4. Ensure the spacing so that the raw materials could be easily placed near by the machines for easy feeding.

5. Ensure the safety measures and safe guard your machines from any unnatural events (like storms, rain water, Robbery etc.)

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Egg tray making machine and it’s types

Egg tray Making Machine - New Business trend
small scale business
small business
small business trends
small business trending ideas
waste paper egg tray making machine

To go for making egg trays one can buy any one of the listed categories of egg tray making machines as according to the investment budget.

1. Semi-automatic waste paper half Rotatory egg tray machine

For a start up budget this machine comes up with a semi-automatic automation grade that runs on single phase and has a production capacity of 1000-1200 trays/hour. With a 1500 kg weight this machine uses waste paper as raw material and has paper consumption of nearly 120 kg/hour.

Pricing: The pricing of this falls around 5.85 lakh/unit

2. Semi automatic egg tray machine

Semi automatic egg tray making machine comes with an iron made machine that runs on electric power supply of 380 volt 50-60hz and has a production rate of 750 trays / hour.

Pricing: The pricing of this is near about 16 lakh/unit

3. Three phase semi-automatic egg tray machine

This three phase machine comes with semi automatic automation grade and a power consumption of 45 Kw / 440 volt. The production rate of this machine is near about 1550 pcs/ hour.

Pricing: Pricing of this is 18 lakh/unit

4. Maspack egg tray machine

The production rate of Maspack egg tray machine is nearly 700 egg trays to 5000 egg trays per hour. It is an automatic machine that runs on 380 volts and 59 Hz power supply.

Pricing: 21 lakh / unit

For buying and setup of these machines, you can always contact India mart for getting best deals and Installations.

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Steps for Making Egg tray

Making of the Pulp –

The raw materials used for making the Pulp is the “waste papers” and some other materials. The raw materials is being put into the machine and water is added and smashed to get the required pulp.

Molding –

The pulp is then feeded through conveyors in the Molding section of the machine. Here the pulp is molded and formed into required shapes and sizes.

Drying of the Pulp –

The pulp that has now formed into an egg tray is dried through various drying processes including hot air drying that dries the pulp from all sides slowly and gradually.

Exported for Packing –

The Manufactured product is now sent for packing of eggs and stands ready for transportation.

Suggestive Measures

Before starting the egg tray making business, the first and foremost thing to do is to undergo a qualified market research on the same. one should figure out and ensure the market rates of demand and supply. A Near market research is mandatory for the amount of production and supply to take place and on the basis of that the units will be installed.

Check for the competition of the demand and supply and think about beating your competitors if exists. Contact and make healthy relations with those who need the supplies.


To sum up we can say, If you are looking forward for a brand new business idea, then this Egg tray Making Business is worth for the start up. One can chose a place or area for setup and install the required machinery selecting it on the the basis of budget, production rate, nature and quantity of demand and Supply. After making a qualified market research and figuring out on all perspective one can start and go for the same..

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