Food trends Catering- 7 New Catering food ideas

Food trends catering- Meaning of food trends

Food trends are widespread changes in preserving the food to people when they come to your restaurant in food preferences. Some such trends related to catering prove to be long-lasting but do are not because using unique and different styles of catering peoples like and this thing grabs the foodie person’s attention and then they give excellent feedback. Food trends are often discussed in magazines and newspaper devoted to cuisine, and around the internet

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Unique trends of food catering

This thing always happened in daily life routines, means to say that restaurant food is like fashion, with trends and fads and it’s the same bitter truth also for catering. Whether if you have a restaurant that offers catering services or is a full-time caterer, it’s very vital to talk to stay abreast of the latest trends in dining.

Food trends Catering –

Here we go through from some hot trends of food catering, some of which have been around a long time, while others are fairly new that are exactly good for you and may prove beneficial for your restaurant and your restaurant will then become popular when you apply the Food trends Catering by learning new catering food ideas..

Try out New Catering food ideas

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1. Buffet

food trends catering
new catering food ideas
New trends of food catering
Buffet – food trends catering

A buffet is a way of foodservice in which the various type of ready food dishes are displayed to people according to the sequence on the table either hot or cold and Guest’s or other people who wants to eat that food serve those foods themselves. When we all were dating back to the 1500s in France then we found that buffet dining is the easiest and unique way to feed a large number of people at the same time.

Buffet food catering method is great for large events like weddings, birthday parties and marriage receptions. They can be hot or cold, casual or formal, and you can customize a buffet to fit almost for any budget because in this way people afford everything and they enjoyed catering.

2. Food Station

This food catering trend is also ideal for a large group of people. Instead of the food sitting on one long table, as with a buffet, the menu in this food catering style is divided up among stations throughout the dining room and event hall. Food station catering service is well suited for a cocktail reception where people mingle casually about and want to enjoy the food style individually.

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3. Chocolate Fountains

chocolate fountain
food trends catering
new catering food ideas
New trends of food catering
Chocolate Fountain – New catering food ideas

Nothing can bring the sounds of oohs and ahhs like a river of chocolate, making a chocolate fountain that is the awe-inspiring favorite moments and hot view that are on the party at parties, showers, and receptions. You can purchase a chocolate fountain service style from commercial equipment in which distributors use at a wide range of prices. Better-quality chocolate of this catering service can be pricey, but you can offset the cost according to your budget with lower-cost dipping items like pretzels, fresh fruit, cookies, and marshmallows.

4. Family-Style Dining

This catering food service is called as English Service because it is family-style that features bowls and platters of food to share at each table, as compared to individually plated meals. This foodie style is the Olive Garden built that’s concept move around family-style dining. Serving food family style adds the feature of an element of intimacy that can be lacking at large functions such as weddings and other crowdy people events.

5. Artisan food and Drink

Artisan food refers to foods that are produced and made in small batches. However, in this food style, there is no regularity on the term you will see “artisan” thrown around by many large restaurant chains like  Panera Bread and also fast-food chains such as Wendy’s. For example, local and organic foods now in days  “artisan” has become a good marketing term in all restaurants, After all, a handcrafted sourdough baguette becomes paired with an assortment of artisanal cheeses” sounds rather than decadent that you can be compared to a plain old cheese-and-cracker platter.

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6. Food and Drink Pairings

What do you think about a wine tasting instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner? And also  a beer dinner as compared to a bridal shower?  As such all of these types of dinners offer a three-, four-, five- and more-course meal,  that are mostly paired with a wine or beer for each course. But always note the one thing that is these types of meals take longer than a buffet or plated meal, appealing to those who like a slow, leisurely dinner.

7. Gluten-Free Foods

gluten-free bread
food trends catering
new catering food ideas
New trends of food catering
Gluten-free bread – New trends of food catering

Some people face the problem that they have an allergy from flour and wheat Whether if you have an allergy to wheat or a conscious choice then most people are opting out of gluten. There are many health benefits  you get when you are going gluten-free, and this food also serves as an opportunity to customers for an experiment with many alternative cooking ingredients like amaranth, cassava flour, and teff flour.

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