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Today, almost everyone desires to be original. Thus, the status of our social media profile is usually a good place to show off, if we know how to hit the right key. Short, original and fun phrases to give a touch of humor and get a smile out of our contact come as a great choice here. If you are tired of always using the same boring phrase in your profile or you are looking for some inspiration to put up a funny status phrase, you may be interested in copying and pasting some of these little pearls summarized in a few characters:

Funny status

Top 50 Funny Status

  1. Follow your dream. Keep sleeping.
  2. I think my cupid likes math. It just gets me in trouble.
  3. I sometimes make mistakes just to disguise my perfection.
  4. The more things I have to do, the more time I spend on Facebook.
  5. If you fall, I will be here! – Said the floor.
  6. Already awake, but still unable to distinguish Maiara from Maraísa.
  7. Every morning I wake up in a good mood, but then I remember that I have to get out of bed.
  8. Between putting up with a passionate friend and hitting his finger on the corner, which furniture would you choose?
  9. You have to love people as if they were Friday!
  10. Spending the day without annoying some friends gives the feeling that the day is not complete.
  11. If hitting the wood drives out bad luck, I need to deforest the Amazon at the base of the blow.
  12. Injustice is having so many dreams in your head and so little money in your bank account to realize them!
  13. Not all men are immature, but everyone has a bit of a stubborn child.
  14. Remember that day when I asked for your opinion? Funny that I don’t either!
  15. A man with a hangover does not want war with anyone.
  16. I went to look in the mirror and found the love of your life.
  17. Tell me who you are with and I will tell you who I am jealous of.
  18. Anyone who wants to like me has to be out of love. I don’t have money and beauty is missing!
  19. If anyone doesn’t like me, it is obvious that he has bad taste!
  20. Your message has been successfully received, viewed and ignored!
  21. The only happy ending I know is the weekend.
  22. I’m getting more beautiful every day, unfortunate news for those who hate me.
  23. I only regret the yogurt caps I threw away without licking.
  24. More and more months are left at the end of the money!
  25. There are people who make any place happier, but only when they are away.
  26. I need to find some way to make money from my laziness.
  27. As long as there is a cell phone with internet, there will always be insomnia.
  28. Always remember that you are unique. Absolutely the same as everyone else.
  29. Having a clear conscience is the sign of a bad memory.
  30. I’d like to take you seriously, but to do so would be to offend your intelligence.
  31. Working is not bad, the bad thing is having to work.
  32. Start Laughing and the world will start laughing with you, snoring will always make you sleep alone
  33. Santa Claus had the right idea: he visits people once a year.
  34. There are only two infinite things: the universe and human stupidity. And I’m not so sure about the first one.
  35. If we are not to eat at night, why is there a light in the fridge?
  36. Procrastinating is keeping pace with yesterday.
  37. I am not lazy, I am in power saving mode.
  38. My wallet and Onion features the same, opening it always makes me cry..
  39. I hate being bipolar, it’s a great feeling.
  40. Doing nothing is difficult, you never know when you’re done.
  41. Today someone told me he was lazy. I almost answered him.
  42. My smartphone ignores me, I keep clicking the Home button and when I look around, I’m still at work.
  43. You have to love people as if they were Friday!
  44. Maybe if we told people that the brain is an app, they would start using it.
  45. Get facts first, then you can distort them to your liking.
  46. It is incredible that the news that occurs in the world on a daily basis always fits in the newspaper.
  47. I love my job, only when I’m on vacation.
  48. Down with the drugs! … Sincerely: Those in the basement.
  49. Are you happy? No, married.
  50. Loyalty? You will only find that in speaker systems.

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