Garlic for Weight Loss|Garlic with Honey,Water,Milk benefits

A new trend of a home remedy of weigh loss with Garlic is now popular since researchers have concluded showing positive signs on results after consuming Garlic for Weight loss.

Garlic ( Allium Sativum) belongs from the species of the Onions and is closely related to onion, leek, shallot and chive. It is well filled with Carbohydrates and Proteins along with Vtamins- B1, B2, B3, & B6, Vitamin C, iron, magnesium, Calcium, manganese, Zinc, Phosphorus, Sodium and Potassium.

Lets have a look at the benefits of Garlic when taken along with Honey, Water and Milk.

Garlic for weight loss – A home remedy

In India, at almost every Kitchen Garlic is well used in foods while cooking. Indian foods are well nourished with spices containing cloves, ginger, Garlic and other spices.

Garlic is a well known remedy consumed since times for dealing with low blood pressures and treating common colds. It also protects from some specific heart diseases and is also well known for cardio health benefits. People with low pulse rates are recommended to eat Garlic.

Consume Garlic with Honey for Weight loss

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Add Garlic for weight loss

Honey and Garlic for weight loss is being trending now a days showing proven benefits. Garlic and Honey has been used long before as medicines for healing diseases.

Allicin‘ present in Garlic is the main ingredient that helps fighting infections as this is the part that is Anti- bacterial and helps in fighting diseases. It is filled with Sulphur, Oxygen and other Chemicals that makes it Anti-bacterial.

Honey is also well known for its anti-bacterial properties and contains anti-oxidants (flavonoids and polyphenols). Luke warm water with honey for weight loss is consumed every day on empty stomach as it has anti-oxidant and chemicals that empower weight loss.

Knowing individual benefits of each, Honey and Garlic, Experts Conclude that the Combination of these two will definitely help empower weight loss as both has chemicals that help losing weight.

How to take Honey and Garlic for weight loss

After reading the above individual benefits of each Garlic and Honey, You can either take it separately at same times on foods to make this combination in your stomach or

you can mix it and eat at a time by making salads that contains Garlic and Honey as ingredients, or making pickles from the combination.

water and Some Garlic for Weight loss

Garlic helps in burning Calories. It boosts metabolism that helps in shedding kilos. Garlic with water is taken in mornings and at nights to boost metabolism and activate weight loss.

Consuming Raw Garlic with Water is preferred to cut belly fats.

Steps to take water and Garlic for weight loss

  1. Take a Glass of fresh and Clean drinking water. Use Mineral water if Possible.
  2. Take out 3 to 4 Garlic pieces from the bunch and drop it in the glass full of water.
  3. Allow it to remain in water for some time (10 to 15 minutes).
  4. Drink it on Empty stomach along with the pieces.
  5. You can add lemon juice and Cloves for taste and boosting immunity

Milk and Garlic for weight loss

Milk is rich in Calcium and Vitamins and is healthy for bones and teeth. It also increases immunity and provides strength to the body. Milk is a great immune boosting food that helps improving the overall metabolism of the body.

Garlic when consumed with Milk has a lot of health benefits. According to Ayurveda, Several Ayurvedic texts has mentioned the health benefits of Milk and Garlic. Milk and Garlic when Consumed together contributes in maintaining weight balance.

Apart from this, there are much more health benefits of milk and garlic like –

  • It is consumed at Upset Stomach i.e., treating bloating and Constipation
  • prevents Acne breakouts
  • Fights common Cold and Flu
  • Consumed for Cardio Vascular diseases
  • Controlling Diabetes

Bottom Line

Garlic is a family of Onion that has proven Health Benefits. Apart from the anti bacterial and anti-fungal properties that helps in curing many hazardous health issues concerning heart, liver and lungs, and helping in fighting other diseases , it also provides a great taste to the foods that are being cooked in the Kitchen making it a kitchen king.

It is highly nutritious and has a great smell and is used in foods for changing their smell and tastes.

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