Health is Wealth | Learn the ideal Mantra for Good Health

Health is Wealth“, – a famous proverb that we kept on listening from our elders and ancestors. They were true since times as, a person having every beneficence still remains unhappy if he is deprived of his Health. No one truly wants to compromise with the wealth of Health despite of every boon he gets or achieves in life. Read this Article on Importance of Health and learn the real Good health meaning.

Health is a great Gift of God that Humans have on this Planet. This is mainly described into two –

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health

Other types of Health that also gets counted is –

  • Spiritual Health
  • Social Health
  • Intellectual Health
  • Emotional Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Vocational and,
  • Financial Health

In this ” Health is wealth ” Article we are generally going to discuss about the recent two most discussed, i.e., Physical and Mental Health, and will know the real Mantra for Good Health.

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Human Health and Disease

Today, we are all well aware of the fact that Human Health and Disease has become an inverse proportion factor to each other. A healthy person either remains healthy from all aspects or gets diseased by any thing like hereditary diseases, invade of Viral or bacterial infections or by living an unhealthy life style.

Is your Health Ok

Is your Health Ok? This question arises when you have a different vision in basics life routine. Every one should check out and scan their body fitness. People some times feel that they are on “ health ok ” mode but actually they keep on being suffering internally from Various diseases that they discover later and fell on thinking why only my health is unpredictable.

To find out weather is Your Health Ok or Not, You can go and check your health at Health status Calculator.

What is Physical Health

Defining Physical Health in easy words, we can say -Physical health of a person is the state of a person’s body in a well stable state eligible in performing every single activity that a normal healthy Human can perform.

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Are you Physically Healthy?

The Question arises when a person in his daily life routine encounters some unusual illness and gets a feeling of some thing that they are lacking about. Some People feel tired while performing some mild tasks while others notice some downfall in their regular stamina.

To Figure out, Every one must notice on their own and compare their present health status with the previous health they had, or on what are they are lacking in, compared to other persons around them.

Health is wealth chart describing the ideal mantra for good health

Health is Wealth
Mantra for good Health
Health ok
Importance of Health
Good Health Meaning
Health for All
Short Speech on Health
Physical Health
Mental Health
Health is Wealth – Real Mantra for Good Health

Mental Health –

What is mental Health?

Mental Health is measured when people faces health issues regarding their mental states and feels instability in their mind, behavior and way of thinking. People who are Psychologically or emotionally effected facing Anxiety, Depression and personality disorders can be truly said as a loss of Mental Health.

Check your Mental health?

If you ever feel that you or any of your family members are suffering from any mental health issue then consult urgently to a psychiatrist, or you can test it online by replying to some questions on the screen. check here for testing.

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Health for All

On this Health is Wealth Blog, Health for All is important. Here is a short speech on health discussed –

1. Check your Diet

It matters a lot in todays life to check at what is being served at your dish. We should always maintain a proper proportion of good foods. Putting some Salads, fresh vegies and greens in dishes helps in making a healthy diet.

Adding some healthy drinks, and maintaining a proper eating time table is must included thing. Try Eating slowly by Chewing the food well and stop drinking water soon after the meal.

2. Daily Exercise

Stop staying lazy all day. Gird up your loins and go for a jog. Try waking up early and get ready to go out for a steady work out. Stretch your feet, Walk some miles, lean you body, Get down for push ups and Planks, tone your body and make your self healthy, fit and fine.

3. Avoid Junk

The daily street foods, the vendor’s shout, we always get attracted towards them. But we Never think of the Hazardous effects they cause to us after filling the Stomach with these Junks. The fried foods and oil in them are definitely going to effect the good and bad Cholesterol levels of the body. The pizzas and Burgers are not the right stuffs to feed our stomach every day.

Try to avoid consuming junk foods as much as you can in order to avoid diseases. People eating junk foods mostly suffer from cardio, liver and other stomach diseases including infections, ulcers and more.

4. Stay Hydrated

Another Health is Wealth Mantra for good health is on staying Hydrated. People never bother about drinking fluids specially water more once their thirst is quenched, but they never know that our body needs it more beyond thirst.

Upto 60% of an Adult Human body is made up of water.

the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%.

– According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158

5. Complete your Sleep

Getting a good night sleep is always beneficial for mental health. In fact this also benefits physically as our body organs and muscles gets a complete rest. Watching movies and listening our favorite tracks late nights have almost effected our sleeping manual. Some Internet programs and watching favorite channels don’t allow us to go with the “early to bed and early to rise proverb“.

According to University of Pennsylvania researchers found that a group of people who were exposed to sleep for at most 4.5 hours, reported more anxious, sad, angry, stressed and mentally exhausted. While when they were exposed to normal sleep, they showed signs of recovery and improvements. So, Put aside your phones and tabs and try enjoying sweet dreams by getting a sound sleep.

6. Remain Motivated

Health is Wealth
Mantra for good Health
Health ok
Importance of Health
Good Health Meaning
Health for All
Short Speech on Health
Physical Health
Mental Health
Health is Wealth quote – Ideal Mantra for Good health

Motivation plays an important role in our life. They effect psychologically and helps people fight depressions and low feelings. People in this day to day life are mostly psychologically abused, remain emotionally and mentally stressed because of the hardships they are facing in this modern world.

So, It’s better for Netizens to find out different ways for staying motivated. People can read daily Inspirational, Motivational, trending quotes, watch motivational videos, listen inspirational tracks or reading about their favorite Character’s struggle stories so as to stay motivated and get fully charged up when ever they feel low.

7. Routine Checkup

A regular routine checkup is necessary for people lacking Health or if diseased by any thing. Besides them, Healthy people above the age of 40 must also get to consult a physician or go to a Health Camp for a regular body check up, and figure out if any health issue is emerging so that it can be controlled and proper steps can be taken to get back the precious health.

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Figuring out What’s Important in life, We better come to a conclusion that apart from every thing we earn, we do also need to learn side by side that Why is Health Important in Life .Todays hectic advanced busy schedules have totally damaged the natural health and fitness of us and we need to fight for this and make ourselves stand healthy for every cause. We should understand the real motive behind this Health is Wealth Concept and that’s why How is it said. So, Learning the real Mantra for good health is Important for everyone in day to day life.

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