How to start a cake business-Learn real Cake making and sell cakes

Are you searching for a small scale business that makes money for livelihood. Here is the complete solution on how to start a cake business. Learn cake making sell cakes and get your standard of living.

Small business is a dream that every person dreams off. Today, the life of people is some how frustrating. Job is a need for people but the Demands are not much wishful. Every one dreams to have a self-earning portfolio. The craze of business is increasing day by day. As every one is aware, the unemployment rate of the world is increasing on peaks. According to the trading economics, the unemployment rates of united states is as quoted:

The US unemployment rate jumped to 14.7 percent in April 2020, the highest in the history of the series and compared to market expectations of 16 percent ..

according to trading economics

People are switching on to small scale business and thus here is a grand idea of opening a cake business.

cake business,sell cakes,cake making
Cake business is worth a classy. Learn Cake making and sell Cakes.

Demands of Cake

Cake is a Universal item that has taken place in the lifestyle of humans. Cakes are consumed for humans happiness, emotions, cheers, rejoice and other beautiful moments of peace.

Every person and their loved ones celebrate their Birth days once a year. people celebrate their Anniversaries, Victory parties or children rejoice when they play and win a Football tournament. Office workers cut their cakes on completing their first valuable projects. These are many aspects and reason why we recommend to open a cake making business.

According to the market reports of United states (U.S.A), the market of cakes is growing globally at a rate of 3.5 % CAGR. The US bakery product is expected to increase annually by 2.3 %. So getting on to this can turn you rich.

Types of Cake –

There are many types of cakes characterized on the basis of recipes, events and places like

  1. Birthday cakes
  2. Anniversary Cakes
  3. Chocolate cakes
  4. Baking Cakes
  5. Marriage Cakes
  6. Pound Cake
  7. Red Velvet Cake
  8. Carrot Cake
  9. Genoise Cake
  10. Chiffon Cake
  11. Flourless Cake, etc..

Before Starting your Cake business

To start with a cake business, first of all you need to Know about the Customers and Consumers of Cake. Is there any trends or do people buy cakes when they celebrate or not. Apart from that try to do some market research also.

Check which type of community and on which locations people consume cakes. what is their likes and Demands. For Example , Some people or Community or residents that love to eat certain cakes of their choice like, Some eats pound cakes while some like to have Red velvet Cakes. Some elder people of Us reports to Be sugar patients , so the Cakes will be made Sugar free.

According to the exact research of demand to the Locale , You should Start your cake business and sell cakes for the standard earning.

Learn How to make a cake

To start with this, First you need to learn about the cake recipes and how to make cakes of different Standards. Start with the basic learning of Cake making first and then proceed to the most favorable recipes that trends. To know about the basics of cake making. Follow the steps below for the same.

cake business,cake making business,sell cakes
Ingredients for Cake making

1. Keep the Ingredients with you

In order to start making a cake, Lets assume a Chocolate Cake , You need some of the following basic Ingredients Like Eggs, Sugar, Flour, baking powder, Butter, Chocolate Powder, water, Cooking Pan and an electric oven.

2. Prepare the raw ingredient

To start with the cake making process, first of all you need to prepare the raw ingredients which has to be cooked to get the Delicious Cake.

  • Take a big bowl and add eggs of required quantity ( a standard medium size birthday cake may require up to Five eggs) and stir it for 3-5 minutes until the Yolk of the egg mixes completely.
  • Take another similar bowl and add dry ingredients like Flour, a pinch of Baking soda, Butter, Sugar.
  • Prepare a chocolate paste separately by adding chocolate powder, butter and sugar.
  • Mix the Chocolate paste in the dry ingredient and stir for some time.
  • Finally, Mix the whole dry ingredient in the big bowl that contains egg and start stirring with a stirrer, or anything you have( some thing like a spoon), for up till 5 to 7 minutes or until it gets mixed up properly.

3. Set up a Round Pan

Take a round pan in which the cake will be cooked. Grease the inside of it with some Butter and then heat it for some moment in the oven. The process is called pre-heating.

4. Bake in the Electric oven

Put all the prepared raw Ingredient’s mixture of the ball to the Pan slowly and let it occupy the space of the pan. Shake for the un-evenness and ensure if it has equally occupied the whole round space of the pan.

Now Put it in the Electric oven and let it bake for 5 to 7 minutes. Check the doneness of the cake and then if it seems to be perfect, then take out and allow it to cool for some time.

[ Note: once your start doing business of cake making, you may need a small bakery for more production rather than an electric oven]

5. Finishing work

After baking, One can do finishing work like making Designs and Decorations in the Cake. Put the creams in between and all round the cake for a better look. You can also add some nuts and fruits to increase the taste and flavor. Chocolate can be poured round it to make it more chocolaty.

Cake making Courses

The above steps elaborated for making a cake was just an example. You need to learn more making various types of cakes and make them tastier and better.

There are several course classes that teaches how to make cakes of various varieties. You need to learn some of them with perfection and apply them on to your business.

Else, if You have enough budget then you can probably hire some expert chefs that will do the work for you.

Sell Cakes – Start Cake Business by selling Cakes

To start with selling Cakes, You need to figure about which place, which dimension and on what scale is the demand of Cakes that you will make and supply.

cake business,cake making business, sell cakes
Person buying a cake from store

Open a Shop or a Store

First of all, You can Open a Shop or a Store at any Suitable place where you think your store will be noticed by the people. As soon as the people will Notice, it will make a space in their mind where your shop or store will be memorized once they need to buy a cake.

Make an Advertisement

Advertise people in all Possible ways you can. If you a have Local news Channel or Local News papers who accepts to take offers for some pennies to make and create ads for your shop and Publishes it for some days or months, then Go for it.

Open a website and sell cakes online

You can Contact people who make websites to Create a website for Your shop or store. You can put all you categories and types of Cakes you make and put it on the website’s store panel. You can also offer Deliveries if you can, and attract your Customers through Daily Offers and Discounts along with easy and hassle free delivery on the door steps at required times.

Grab on Social media

Social media is a great Platform to get in touch with the people and express your emotions, ideas, thoughts as well as to reach people regarding your business. It is also a great Platform to Advertise. You Can post your shop details or upload pics of delicious cakes that you make and leave their mouth watery.

Social media also allows people to create pages and talk about on their niches regarding any profession they belong. So one can make a page regarding the cake store and add people and let them remain updated with what you are making and selling.

Contact Sellers

You can Contact other Sellers that will help you start you business. The sellers that are trusted often creates a trustworthy environment. Contact them and ask them to recommend your Shop. once they get people searching for the required items, they will help you in building trust of people towards you by recommending your shop.

If there is already an existing Cake shop or store, then you can consult them and ask them for a partnership. Negotiate with them for a low profit in order to build trust and start your Cake making business.

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So, If you are looking to start a descent business on small scale and grow it to the next level, then this idea of How to start a cake business is some what a great opportunity that you can grab on to reach the shores of this tidy business ocean.

The basic things you need to start for is first of all-

  • Learn to make all types of cakes
  • a market knowledge on the consumption of Cakes,
  • types of cakes that are in demand,
  • your competitors (if exists),
  • Advertising opportunities,
  • Maintaining a healthy relation in the environment.

Finally, Self Dedication, Concentration and a Hard working spirit is all enough to make you reach on skies and beat the silver linings..

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