Positive Effects of Corona Virus on Environment and real world

As we all know, the disastrous effects of corona virus has shaken all mankind. People all over the world is fighting from this deadly pandemic, by observing the Lockdown that Government has empowered, yet there are some positive effects of corona virus on real world that has made things awesome.

Here is the Positive effects of corona virus on Environment

1. Effects of corona virus on environment

Although corona virus has shaken the whole mankind, yet it has done something that the whole world has ever thought of to be doing for the sake of environment. People around the world has continuously been emitting poisonous smokes for which the earth and its environment has been suffering till now.

Now the whole scenario regarding these emissions has changed because of the deadly corona virus pandemic spreading, and that is why we urge to say about some positive effects of corona virus on real world that has been noticed by our scientists and asked by netizens all round the globe.

Their is a continuous reporting about the decrease of pollution level all round the globe and as reported by ‘European space agency, ESA’ there is a drop rate in Nitrogen dioxide NO2 over Italy and China. Many countries have reported about their Air quality index, to be far better than before. The air has become much healthier then before. The streets of New york and USA has become much pollution free. Densely populated countries like India and China has some descent data on Air quality index and Air pollution.

Ozone depletion and amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emission rate is in great control. As people are forced to follow the lockdown imposed by their government, the roads are empty without any Vehicles running thus decreasing the carbon emission level. The production factories emitting smokes on large scales are very much reduced. The rivers in India that once carried garbage and other water bodies which has been reported toxic is now showing some sign of recovery. The forest fire of Australia which added much of the pollution to the environment has some how been healed due the drastic effects of corona virus on real world.

overall, we can say that lockdown made due to corona virus, has helped a lot in healing the ecosystem which is continuously being depleted by mankind.

2. Effects of corona Virus on real world

Mortality rate

Mortality rate of the world is still not much effected due to corona virus , Yet Netizens are keen to know about the daily corona updates of their city, state or country and hover around the curious count of mortality rates that undergo – but they still wonder if some positive aspects of corona come into light. Death rate of the world is still not much effected due to corona virus. Let us know the real science behind this..

People round the globe dies because of various reasons and thus mortality rate depends on many different factors. Mortality rate estimated by World health organisation (W.H.O) on till 3rd March 2020 is near about 3.4 %.

According to the data given above, millions of people dies due to road accident, illegal drug consumption, liquor consumption and suicide attempts taken.

Road accident : Due to the lock down imposed, the roads are empty and people are immobile sitting at their homes enjoying their precious life with their loved ones. Apart from the days of lockdown, millions of people lose their life on account of moving on worlds busy traffics. Thus it adds to the fact that there are some positive effects of corona virus that neutralizes the thing.

Illegal drug consumption : The shut down imposed on other unnecessary markets and lack of transportation has also stopped the illegal business of drugs and thus people are far from the reach of banned drugs that lead to a number of loss of lives.

Liquor consumption : The Liquor consumption has lessened, that reports loss of life and property.

Suicides : The data above shows how a large no of death occurs due to suicide attempts made. while at present when every body is home locked, a suiciders cannot find a place and time to commit suicide and for many, the mental ailments can change while passing their time with their families.

Now, The mortality rate of Corona Virus is also near about 3.4 % as data collected by Worldometers. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/coronavirus-death-rate/ .So to figure out we can say that mortality rate is some how not much affected.

Fall in Petroleum Prices:

Increased Petroleum prices was becoming a Global issue before Corona’s outbreak. Now there is a major relief from increased petroleum prices as due the Lock down demand of petroleum has reduced round the world.

Increase in Hospital equipments

Before, the costly equipments (ex- ventilators) were only found in big cities and popular hospitals but now due to this pandemic, small towns are also maintaining such things.

New Hospital and Emergency treatments

New Hospital Projects are being passed and step towards increasing the number of Emergency wards have been initiated which is a good thing for the coming future.

Learning new ways to Fight

Corona virus has made us learn new ways to fight for Life against any deadly disease or disaster that takes place and is also giving a positive strength to the people who kept themselves safe and also who survived, so that they will meat with a better future and better ways of learning.

Thus, we come to see the Positive effects of corona virus on environment and real world. To know more about effects of Corona virus follow http://netizenstrend.com/unemployment-in-india-after-corona-effects/

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