Social Distancing till 2022 for Coronavirus – Netizens trend

Do we need to follow Social Distancing till 2022? Is Social distancing the only way to escape from a weird pandemic. Let us Know all about Social distancing and the fact that we may have to follow Social Distancing till 2022.

What is Social Distancing

Social Distancing is a method by which, Transferable Viruses Spreading Communicable diseases are stopped from transferring from one person to another or from one community to another community.

People maintain a specific distance ( approx 3 to 6 meters or more) within themselves and avoid close contacts so that unevenly if viruses comes out from any infected persons through coughing or sneezing then they remain unreachable towards other healthy living body.

CDC Social Distancing

CDC stands for ”Centers for Disease Control and prevention”. It is a US Government Organisation run by US Department of Health and Human Services ( ). The Guidelines issued by CDC regarding Social Distancing has been generally termed and known in internet as a CDC Social Distancing.

Social Distancing Till 2022 – Netizens trend

On Some latest findings and new Predictions made by Havard School of Public Health, and the same being published on Science on April 14-2020, According to the Science ” Under Current Critical Care Capacities, however, the overall duration of the SAARS-COV-2 Epidemic could last into 2022 “.

How ever the Current President of US ( Mr. Donald Trump) has predicted this pandemic to be over soon by this Summer. Thus, this has to be seen weather Social Distancing till 2022 comes out to be true or just sticks by the topic of netizens trend.

when will Social Distancing end

Social Distancing will end as soon as there is no fear of virus spread over man to man or over community transmission and this can happen only when every person in the community that interacts each other is tested negative or a general vaccine is generated and each person gets vaccinated.

Mass testing is needed to overcome this issue, as once, the test results are out for each individual , we can act accordingly by choosing some of the necessary steps like lock down, quarantine and maintaining distances with each other while interacting necessarily.

Why is Social Distancing Important

Social Distancing is important because CoronaVirus is such a virus which spreads when one healthy person comes in contact (through coughs, sneezes, etc.) of the other infected person thus resulting in transferring of the virus to the healthy person.

Now, If people maintain Social Distancing and avoid close contacts with each other, then there is a greater chance towards lower transmission or spreading.

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What is Quarantine

Quarantine is a process of keeping the positive patients of CoronaVirus apart in a room for some period of time until their results come out to be positive. Such Patients are not allowed to go out and interact with other people and special care is taken by Doctors and Nurses through out their treatment process.

How long will Quarantine last

Quarantine lasts till the patients recovery is confirmed. Until the reports are positive patients are not discharged and kept with extra care while as soon as the results become negative, they are discharged and sent to their homes.

Possible Vaccines for CoronaVirus

Recently two types of vaccines are viral on Internet that can be possibly used regarding the corona vaccination.

BCG vaccine : India’s oldest weapon ” BCG Vaccines ” which is used for curing Tuberculosis (TB) is now trending over possibility of curing corona. Know more about BCG Vaccines and corona’s cure –

Chloroquine : India uses Chloroquine as a medicine against Malaria treatment. US president has asked for Choloroquine from India as US Scientists seek the possibility of making vaccine through Chloroquine.


Hence, Social Distancing till 2022 can be followed unless any vaccine is being generated.

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