Start working online|Internet money|4 Real Flexjobs|freelance Companies to Start with

start working online|Internet money|4 real flexjobs, freelance companies to start with
Money is an important part of our life. Many of us are daily fighting for the thing to ease our lifestyle, generations and fulfill the needs of our siblings. The era of Earning never ends and so does it’s ways of getting..

Want to know how to start working online? Do you want to make Internet money? okay, In no time lets quickly know about the famous 4 real Flexjobs|Freelance companies that will help you earn for your livelihood.

Hey Partner, You might be thinking of getting a better option for earning while a ton of blogs leave your mind in a blank space thinking about a real and genuine way to earn. Not a single but this blog post will provide 4 real websites where you will get genuine ways of Freelance and online earning.

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Start working online- Earn internet money through Flexjobs|Freelance

Working on a day from 9 to 5 shift is some how frustrating for an individual. yet earning for a livelihood is a must needed action that each has to perform. In spite of a long day work, while many can’t afford to buy things on their earned pennies and rely on credit cards and other options afforded, some need extra cash so that they can enjoy the livelihood without hurting their pockets.


So to get things on the go, Here is some idea illustrated about Flexjobs and Freelance that People need to know.

what is Flexjobs

We people are different and so is our thinking. Some of us hate to work on a tight hectic scheduled offices while some long to work on by the comfort of our home chairs. People who wish to work from home at the ease of their time and schedule, is what really provided by Flexjobs.

What is Freelance

Freelance is a job that you work for yourself. In other words, we can say one who is self-employed and performs assignments and projects for different companies is said to be doing Freelancing.

Start working online and earn Internet money through flexjobs,freelance
Start Earning online handsomely by Flexjobs and Freelance. Ease your pocket by Internet money and get set your goals.

1. Upwork

Upwork is a great platform for earning Internet money and is one of the largest Global freelancing website. People who love to work from home and earn Internet money need to start working online through Upwork that gives a great opportunity to work online.

Millions of Jobs are Posted daily on upwork and annually people are earning money with over 5000 skills across more than 70 categories of work.

Upwork allows the clients to stay remote and work for their project managers or hires and get paid for what they bid and deal with for.

Freelance on Upwork

There are several skills you can find on upwork. Chose your category skill to freelance and get started earning Internet money

Steps to start working online with upwork

  1. Sign up to
  2. Fill details and Create an account
  3. Create a profile by providing all personal skills and past experience

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is an another website where you can make money online by selling gigs. One can sign up on fiverr and make a gig to make some sale. Now what a gig is? The answer is- a gig is a service menu on which you will write all the details of your talents and experiences which will be served to the customers for grabbing the work you will do for them.

Start Flexjobs in Fiverr

You will write all the essential details in the Gig to make it stand out in the audience. Here is the 6 easy steps to start with a gig.

Sign up to and create a manual profile in the profile section. Then go and click on Gigs and follow the steps below:

  1. In the Overview Write a catchy Gig title on what you are good at. Select Category and then Sub category of your related field. Fill in the search tag and press “save and continue”.
  2. In the Pricing section You will add minimum 1 and maximum 3 pricing catalog with details about your work amount that you will provide on the selected pricing.
  3. Description & Faq – Describe your gig and what ever it contains for your customers to make them understand. Describe all your services that you are going to give.
  4. Requirements – Ask for any requirements or necessary information you need to work from your clients by writing down in this section.
  5. Gallery – put Photos, videos or work demos to attract your customers.
  6. Publish – Finally click on the Publish button and make your gig live.

3. Appen (Flexjobs)

Appen, before which was also known as (Appen Butler Hill) is a company that collects and labels speech, text, audio, video, images etc. and improves them for making a better or the best in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Appen provides another Flexjobs that improves data in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. After applying for Appen, it can take some days to approve your account. They will confirm you once you are selected, through mails.

Earn Internet money online in Appen

In appen many of the projects will be regularly updated for which you have to keep an eye on. Projects will be classified into three categories, i.e., Easy, Medium and Hard. Project rate and Pay details will be provided which you can look on and opt to apply at your ease.

Once applied, they will access your record and send a mail later (after few days) for the working guidelines and login credentials, once the project gets started. Appen pays mostly at work done per hour rate (i.e., 3$/hour to 15$/hour or even more than that).

After completion of the work, Invoice will be generated automatically (until asked for generation) and a months collected earning is allowed to be withdrawn once at the starting days of the next month by submitting the Invoice.

Appen Provides both Part time and full time flexjobs. To get started with Appen sign on to any of three categories –

  1. Projects
  2. Micro tasks
  3. Surveys and data collection

[Note: you can apply on any or all of the three. For full time flexjobs go for the first option.]

4. People per hour

People per hour is another best chosen freelance website to start working online and earn Internet money. It is a uk-based company that businesses through freelancers. The question of How to make money online ends with this solution that if one gets activated in people per hour then he may certainly end up earning much for sure.

This is near about same as upwork. A number of projects are available and you have to bid and send your proposal for any of the required projects you want to work on to get your coin.

Freelance on People per hour

To Start with people per hour just sign up and create your profile by filling five easy steps about your self and the work you can provide in that. Tell them about your skills and past experiences. Once your profile is accepted, you will get a confirmation. You can then log in and browse for projects and send them proposals with all your efforts on describing yourself that you are the only guy that stand out to complete that job, and convince them to hire you.


Freelance and start working online in clickworker. Clickworker is a platform where you can perform and complete Micro tasks at your ease and earn. It is a leading marketplace of Micro tasking. It caters data management, web research and training on Artificial Intelligence.

Its a site where you can earn some money on the side by writing, translating and doing research.

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Thus, Earning Internet money online through Flex jobs or Freelance becomes easy when one gets started with these companies and People get answered on how to start working online through such valuable sites.

For any queries and doubts regarding the upper listed companies for Flexjobs and Freelance, you can comment below for the genuine answer provided by the author expertise on this.

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