starting a Bike and Car washing business

Starting a bike and car washing business is a good idea to go with a small business start up. At almost every town and city personal cars and bikes are almost found in abundant. If you are thinking of to go with a small budget business that must not hurt your pockets then you can surely opt for this vehicle wash business.

Vehicle wash – Washing Bikes and Cars

Vehicles like cars and bikes including other secondary vehicles always needs a wash once they start running on roads for purpose. Today’s environmental sludges and dusts keep on wandering in air making the globe dirty. This greatly impacts the out look of a vehicle and people hate that to accept the fact that’s true.

Why people need their Cars and Bikes to be washed

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bike and car washing business – washing bike with water

Because of the dirt that surrounds the bikes and car’s external as well as internal body parts, their vehicle gets ugly that no one likes to see. Also, Some people are clean freaks who never want their any of the owned property to remain dirty and thus they maintain it with a regular routine wash.

This will bring them to a body who works in cleansing such vehicles hassle free where people get rid of cleaning themselves by paying some mere amount.

Before Starting the Bike and Car Washing Business

To Start with this following four wheeler and two wheeler washing business, You first need to gear up for a market research and get to know the following businesses’ market data.

  • Is there any one who is already present as your Competitor ?
  • If yes, then Who, How many of them and at What distance from your business location ?
  • With what Strength (equipment) , How much budget and at what position they stand for competition ?
  • How many Vehicles does pass your Location of this washing business ?

How to Start a Bike and Car Washing Business

Before heading with the full process of how to set up this bike and car washing business, let us first throw some light at the necessary things required for this business.

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Chose a better location for Car wash

Since two wheelers (bikes) doesn’t needs much space for any thing to be done. Most of the bike washers are seen washing it at road sides without having much spaces but for a car wash, you need to get a good working space and an easy location where people can easily park their cars hassle free and you start with the the cleaning and sanitizing work.

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Need a Workshop for washing

If you have a descent area build room or a work shop then it’s good as you will save the renting costs, else you will have to find the rental business workshop like room or a shaded place for the set up, at the lowest possible budget.

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Water source

You need a good source of water for bikes and car wash. Either you need a bore well or a Tank of at least a 1000 litre that must be filled by any of the sources. If you manage to get water for free then it’s ok else you will have to buy it for commercial use that may slightly hurt your pocket.

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Equipment required for car and bike washing

To start with this vehicle washing business, you first need to buy some machineries that is required for the exterior and Interior vehicle’s body cleaning process.

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1. High Pressure washer machines for bikes and car wash

High Pressure machines includes both high pressure pumps for car washing and bike washing and also high pressure water gun for car wash. These high pressure washer machines will help you in cleaning the whole vehicle’s body without any discomfort and at very much less time.

2. Hand scrubbing machine

some cars or bikes when driven at muddy tracks leaves stains and does not go even after a good pressure wash. Then there stands a need to rub the effected area using a scrubber or a hand scrubbing machine that makes it go away after when applied.

3. Vacuum Cleaner

The inside of the car like ( carpets, seats and deck ) gets dusty and needs to be cleaned perfectly without water. Hence, Vacuum cleaners are used to cleanse the inside stuffs like dash boards, foot mats, seating cloths and other inner body parts of the vehicle.

4. Car washing Liquid

You need to buy Car washing Shampoos like ( Waxpol ecosaver car shampoo, Wavex car shampoo foam wash, wavex car shampoo extreme wash, etc ) to wash the car’s exterior body like bonnet, windows, doors and glasses.

5. Car sponge

Car sponge helps in cleaning the car after applying the car shampoo. This is used by hands for cleaning just like we do while washing utensils.

6. Dry Cloths

After the cleaning is done, the wet car is dried by using Dry cloths. It helps in soaking and removing the wetness of the watered car.

7. Car Polish

After their vehicles being washed, Some people demand for a car polish. Polishing the washed car with a car polish shines the car’s body and gives a newly look with a glossy shine. The same can be applied for bike polishing too.

Is Bike and car washing business profitable

Yes, because if you look at the costing and estimation of this small business, this does not requires much investment. The equipment required in this cleaning process are not much costly and seems pocket friendly for this benefitting business.

scope of this car and bike washing business

You can earn handsome as the vehicle population are increasing day by day as well as the traffics. Hence, Customer getting chances are high. Since, people are buying vehicles each day, the scope of this vehicle wash business is good and secured and endless in future.

Washing other vehicles for increased earnings

To add more money, you can also wash three wheelers like auto-rickshaws and e-rickshaws which are also abundantly running on roads.


If you are looking for starting a small business at low budget, then this bike and car washing business is a perfect idea to start with. With low costing equipment and less man power you can easily earn good. This is a long ongoing business that will never end for sure.

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