Top trending quotes on Instagram

Instagram is a place where people share their photos, pics, and quotes to their followers. A platform where love and emotions are shared, Here we have captured some shared top trending quotes on Instagram.

1. Our Eyes are Placed in Front, Because it is more important to look ahead than to look back.

2. I’m bad in words, I hope you are good in reading eyes..

3. What is Stronger than the Human Heart which Shatters over and over and still lives.

4. Stop losing Happiness in the same Place where you just Lose it.

5. I don’t follow trends, I set my own and Go for the Extreme.

6. Love all, Trust few., Not Every thing is real & Not Every one is true..

7. Be Happy for this Moment., This Moment is Your Life..

8. Breaking off Pieces of Yourself to fit into places will not help you belong., it will only make you bleed..

9. You must find the Courage to Leave the table, if Respect is no longer being served.

10. A Heart that always understands also gets tired..

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