Understanding Emotional Abuse

Every body thinking of what an emotional abuse is seems a lot difficult to analyze the true aspects of the thing, so an easy estimation for real understanding is – A person who is Played by minds for controlling his mind’s behavior, Character and feelings can be understood as he is a victim of emotional abuse.

3 Types of Emotional Abuse that are Common

Abusing Verbally – People abusing Verbally, Shouting or Yelling at some one insulting Characters, making them feel down is an example of Verbal abuse.

Rejecting ideas – Rejecting ideas, opinions, talks and suggestions Constantly without listening properly or not paying proper attention towards them is another type of Emotional Abuse.

Gaslighting – Heading towards thinking against your own thoughts and questioning your own mind after some one’s manipulation is the thing what is called Gaslighting. It can head some one even towards a level where the victim can question their own sanity.

What’s an example of emotional abuse

let’s understand by an Example here how a person can be emotionally abused:

A person named John is a Victim of Emotional Abuse. Passing all stages of life he has been abused by every aspects from time to time. When John was a teen, When ever John tried to stay cool, wanted to play his favorite games or to enjoy the best of his dishes, his parents and other elders shouted at him for every thing he did. The School results of John were never comparable with Elia, the girl next door who was a brighter student than John. So John was always abused for not being like her or may be more than her. This was a Classic Example of Verbal Abuse which is a part of an emotional abuse where john stands as the Victim.

Heading towards the next phase of John’s life, when John crossed his teen and was about to start his career, thinking of setting goals for himself, he was once again the victim. He was never interested in Engineering and had some real passion on Art work, but for no reason once again he was disheartened while Explaining his ideas and thoughts in words that were Constantly being rejected by his Masters of Soul. When ever he tried to explain his stuffs out Clear, He found no listeners, no ears to hear and no mind to think, he was Constantly rejected like anything.

Another Example of Emotional Abuse is Gaslighting some one by Confusing their own Character and existence. The victim feels like he/she is standing no where. They are being manipulated by the abuser in such a way that they start feeling that they are wrong at every aspect. They start remaining confused questioning their own mind weather they are right or wrong at any point of thought or decision which they make.

While the Victim suffers this phase of Gaslighting, there is an another stuff that over takes this and creates a disorder Called Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder can be explained as when people suffering from this disorder starts thinking of themselves that they are some one whose personality stands on an another level. They feel like they are on another zone and every cause and actions that happens around them is Just because of their presence and involvement. They feel like this world revolves around them and they are the important characters in this world.

Such people demands praises and extra attentions from people. They think they are important and even the creations of this world supports their views and thoughts and predictions. They don’t show interest in any one unless they feel worthy for themselves to indulge in and never thinks of for another person’s feelings.

What does Narcissistic abuse mean

A person who is suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder or some one who is with Narcissistic traits becomes the cause of Psychological abuse, Financial abuse, Sexual and Physical abuse of others is literally what Narcissistic abuse mean.

What is Narcissistic emotional abuse

People become Narcissists because of Gaslighting which is also a form of emotional abuse. Such people can be called as a victim of Narcissistic emotional abuse.

What are the 9 traits of narcissistic

The 9 Traits of Narcissistic Personality Disorder are –

  1. Giving Priority to themselves
  2. Feeling self-important
  3. Thinking within themselves as special and unique characters and feel like they should talk just with people who are of higher grades.
  4. Needs Self – praises and admiration
  5. Empathy lacking and Manipulating
  6. Exploiting behavior
  7. Becoming jealous sooner and becoming envious
  8. Higher attitudes and extra ordinary behavior
  9. Feels powerful, successful and an another level over confidence

Do Narcissists ghost you

Do Narcissists ghost you? This is a question you should ask when you are much closer with some one or if you are in a relationship. Generally, People suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder ghosts you by avoiding you generally for no reason. They cut back all communications and annoy you time to time depending on their mood swings. People get adversely effected who has relations with narcissists and it effects their minds as it has devastating effects on mental health.

What does Narcissistic abuse feel like

According to the medical professionals, a person suffering from Narcissistic abuse feels like

  • angry outbursts
  • lost
  • confusion
  • pacing
  • Panic attack
  • increased heart rate
  • weight differences
  • obsessive thoughts
  • blaming self
  • Getting sickness
  • Developing Suicidal thoughts

What are the signs of Narcissistic abuse

People undergoing Narcissistic abuse generally shows signs of Depression and Anxiety which is very much in common. Fear and Nervousness, Losing interests in daily things and Confusing mind are some general signs and symptoms of Narcissistic abuse.

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Is gaslighting emotional abuse

Yes, Gaslighting is an emotional abuse. It is the type of abuse where the victims starts questioning themselves, their perceptions, standing against their own thoughts, feelings, thus doubting their own sanity.

How can you tell if a guy is gaslighting you

If some one dominates you in such a way that you always feel like doubting at your own self or remaining confused whole day or is unable to take any decision after listening to that particular person, then this can be a sure sign for you of becoming a victim of Gaslighting. Some of things below can be noticed to checkout if a guy is gaslighting you.

  • Are you becoming more sensitive and Crazier these days?
  • Are you feeling more Confused?
  • Are you always apologizing these days?
  • Are you feeing Unhappy and making frequent Excuses?
  • Are you always wondering What is wrong and Right?
  • Do you feel low and end up Lying for a low feeling?
  • Are you feeling trouble in any Decision making?
  • Are you always wondering weather you are Good or Not?

These are some of the things you feel when some one is gaslighting you.

What is Gaslighting by a narcissist

Gaslighting by a Narcissist is same as what other Gaslighters do. The only difference is that they do it both intentionally and even unintentionally. Narcissists do it intentionally when they are hurt.

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What are Gaslighting tactics

There are many Gaslighting techniques which are performed on an individual to make them helpless and lose mind so that they can gain the whole control and power on them for a Purpose. Some of the Gaslighting techniques are listed here-

  1. Technique of Brilliant Lying
  2. Technique of Denying for Something you are sure about.
  3. Manipulating slowly and Steadily for a better Control taking.
  4. Making you realize that You are no more valuable, yet praising you for some thing.
  5. Making You blunt and Confusing you all the time.
  6. Constantly Lying you and making you feel and realize that every one present their is a liar.
  7. Trying to make people against you.

What is emotional abuse in adults

Adults who are emotionally abused causes devastating effects on their minds. It breaks relationships and creates nuisance in marriage life. It creates Panic between couples and both husbands and wives remain shocked and confused about running their smooth relations.

What are the 4 signs of abuse

  1. Manipulating
  2. Disbelieving
  3. Creating Confusion
  4. verbally abusing

What type of abuse is hardest to detect

Emotional abuse with it’s various forms is one of the Hardest abuse to detect.

What is different between mental and emotional abuse

The main difference between Mental and Emotional abuse is that, the mental abuse is just done on a persons mental capacity level while Emotional abuse plays role on destroying a person’s emotions, feelings, judging ability, decision taking ability and creating other personality disorders.

What is the most common form of Abuse

Physical abuse and Verbal Abuse including Domestic Violence is the most Common form of Abuse today.

What are the Cycles of emotional abuse

The 5 Cycles of Emotional abuse is listed below:

  1. Codification and Treatment of an Invisible Malignancyā€¯ are enmeshment – Either Entangled or Completely depended on their Partner for every thing and then leaving them alone and then again after some time period showing lots of love and gifting them in fear of being abandoned for the same. This Cycle repeats and is one among the 5 Cycles of Emotional abuse.
  2. Becoming extremely overprotective and overindulging
  3. completely neglecting
  4. rage
  5. rejection or abandonment

What are the effects of emotional abuse

The effects of Emotional Abuse can be both for Short term and Long term.

Short term abuse can –

  • Create Confusion
  • develop fear and Hopelessness
  • feeling shame

It can also effect physically like mood swings, muscle pains, increased heartbeats and experiencing Nightmares.

Long term abuse can –

  • lower self confidence
  • increase anxiety and Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Feeling guilty
  • Loneliness

What are the characteristics of an abuser

Some Characteristics of an Abuser are mentioned here –

  • Keeps Constantly abusing verbally for every thing
  • Accusing for every steps they take in life
  • Threatening and Controlling the victim
  • Expressing anger, destroying moods and disheartening through facial expressions
  • Blaming, Shouting, Yelling and Blaming in front of others

What are the 5 Signs of an abuser

The above mentioned characteristics of an abuser are the 5 signs where one can figure out that he is becoming a victim of Emotional abuse.

What is Abusive Personality Disorder

A person who is constantly being abused or is victim of an abuse develops a disorder in his personality which further changes his personality as well as the person himself. For Example, A person who becomes the victim of Gaslighting ( a type of emotional abuse ) , develops a disorder Called Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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