Covid-19 shows new re-infection cases: A common trend – says Hong kong researchers

Inspite of the fact that the world is fighting such a deadly Pandemic where we are no less far facing new challenges each day on Covid-19 so far. New infection Cases has been reported in some places round the world that says, even after the recovery from this deadly pandemic, Some people are getting re-infected by the same.

On 24th of August, Hong kong Shared their first case of re-infection where an old man, aged 33, found Corona positive once again for the second time after 4 months 15 days of recovery.

India too reported their first case as same, when a young woman aged-27, Caught the Covid-19 infection for the second time after 30 days of recovery. India has 3 more in a row of such cases of re-infection.

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How and Why re-infection Cases occured?

Re-infection with Covid-19
Corona virus re-infection
hong kong researchers says - reinfection is common
reinfection is a common trend
Re-infection with Covid-19

When asked by Health Experts, they Explained – the fact of re-infection found on some people, was due to the lack of antibodies that fight infections. When Observed, they were found to have lesser anti-bodies that made them Covid-19 positive for the second time.

After comparing the previous and the current infections of those patients from Hong Kong, the health trend experts concluded that these patients were getting infections from different strains of corona virus. Adding words, Re-infection is a common trend- says Hong kong researchers.

Will the Vaccines be Effective against Corona virus?

Most of our Netizens must be Keen Knowing about weather the Vaccines that are being prepared for Covid-19 will be effective or not against it ?

The Answer to this Question is Yes.

The Upcoming Vaccines that are being developed in different parts of the world, are being made in such a way that, they will build a great immune system that will not only help in fighting the disease, but also safe guard the body against other infections including the re-infections of Covid-19.

The Vaccines are being designed to fight against the different strains of Corona Virus. They will aim at fighting at the Common parts or region of the infection.

Also, as per reports of Indian Express, from the family of Corona virus or other seasonal Viruses, reinfection is Common – Says Hong kong researchers.


A Weaker Immune System having less Anti-bodies reported re-infection with Covid-19. People who have a better immune system need not to fear and worry about the fact of new re-infection cases.

The Vaccines of Corona Virus is definitely going to fight this disease as it will build a great immunity against Covid-19 and also help in fighting other infections, once a person boosts his immune system by getting Vaccinated.

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