Difference between existed life and today’s life

Indeed it’s true that life is a blessing of God.  For many people, life is all about “ Love ” but for few, it’s all about ” Religious practices “. For philosophers, the all meaning of life is – ” Happiness “.

Facilities in existed life and today’s life

There was a lack of facilities in existed life and people travelled many days to reach their destinations. They faced difficulties to achieve their goals and there was no concept of higher education and jobs.

But today people who are living in the 21st century,- they get all the things easily which they need because in a few seconds they can connect all over the world and communicate with each other, they can travel anywhere they like, eat any thing and order any stuff they needed sitting at home and also they get jobs and higher education.

Which life best exists today

Back end days life was better if we differentiate between them because at those times people met with each other and they discussed their lives and works and they ate fresh vegetables and fruits because they bowed the seeds and then worked hard in the fields for getting fresh things. They knew the concept that ” Health is Wealth “, But if we see today’s life we eat frozen vegetables and fruits and a lot of ready made stuffs that are not good for our health and body. In ancient time’s people never got to face so many diseases and medicine but now almost everybody has a disease.

Technology usage in today’s life

People use different technologies today for getting all the things done quickly and easily. Computers, Mobile phones, the radio, calculators all are today’s invention. By using these technologies we communicate with each other and do our tasks in nanoseconds. But in the past life no usage of all these technologies were entertained.

Easier life

Here is a question that arises in almost every person’s mind: which life is easy?. If we see technology, facilities and jobs then this life is easy and best but previous life that existed was better on a different point of view because at that Time people’s health was good and they worked hard. They struggled too much as compared to today’s generations.

Is Life much better today than the past ?

All things considering, it appears glaringly evident that now life is superior to what it was previously. Not with standing, it can’t be rejected that the previous existence was not that wild and unpleasant as it has become these days. Today individuals are distracted with bringing in cash and vocation so much that they frequently don’t possess energy for their families.

Truth be told, current individuals generally live with one another but rather not close to one another. The states of life are certainly much better now however it tends to be addressed whether the personal satisfaction is truly better.

Why Life was better 50 years ago?

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Was Life better in the Past ? Comparing Existed life with Today’s life.

To meet people in real life

These days, individuals infrequently meet and speak with individuals unexpectedly outside, yet this was not the case 50 years prior. Around then, talking face to face was essentially the best way to meet somebody new. Today, then again, individuals gradually lose their relational abilities and depend on their gadgets to look for correspondence.

Individual had better Sleeping Habits in the past

Light discharged from cell phones genuinely impacts our resting designs, as it upsets our biorhythms by fooling our mind into believing that it’s still day time, which restrains melatonin creation. That is the reason specialists suggest avoiding gadgets in any event 30 minutes before nodding off.

In any case, many individuals don’t follow this counsel, and along with developing worldwide feelings of anxiety, the two of them cause restlessness. 50 years prior this was not an issue.

Finding easier ways in daily life routine

With the appearance of dating sites and applications, a critical level of the populace some way or another still can’t locate their loved one, and not as a result of the absence of endeavoring, yet rather due to the scandalous oddity of choice.

According to this mental guideline, the more decisions we have, the more restless we get and the more troublesome it becomes to settle on a decision. Also, in our current reality where the choices are boundless, it is much harder to choose just 1 alternative.

It was easier to disconnect from the world

Although it is helpful to have a GPS or versatile gathering when you’re in a distant area since it can tell you the best way to get where you need to proceed to try and show all the service stations, ATMs and comfortable eateries in the region for your benefit, however, it, as well, accompanies its drawbacks.

In reality, attempting to get off the network is almost outlandish on account of web-based media, geotags, GPS and online money. Almost all that you do and wherever you go leave an advanced impression.

Mental health might have been better

As per the government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 of every 10 Americans is discouraged. What’s more, however not these individuals experience the ill effects of a clinical type of psychological sickness, considers affirm that downturn, stress, and uneasiness are on the ascent, particularly among youthful people.

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Some researchers connect this to web-based media and gadget use. At the point when everybody online appears to have preferred life and look better over you, no big surprise an ever-increasing number of individuals feel on edge or get depressed. Unfortunately, Instagram and Facebook aren’t going any place any time soon, so we’ll have to discover that what we see online isn’t a portrayal of reality a similar way a film isn’t. Fortunately for the youngsters growing up 50 years back, there was less friend pressure and unquestionably no web-based media, thus was less tension and wretchedness


When we differentiate between both lives, it seems that today’s life is better because we get everything which we need and we fulfil our dreams and earn money for surviving in Future but further if we look at on other aspects, people were more happier and healthier before and had good relational bonding in the past which made them worth remembered even after their death.

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