Ramadan 2020 will help People and Poor amid Corona Fight back

When is Ramadan 2020

Ramadan 2020 is a holy month which will be observed by Muslims all round the world this year starting from an expected date – 23rd to 25th of April 2020 in different parts of the world as according to moon sightings.

Since Ramadan 2020 falls amid this Corona Pandemic, Can this Ramadan help People and Poor on their corona Fight back and lock down situations.

Ramadan – a blessed month for Mankind

Ramadan – a blessed month falls on the 9th of Islamic calendar month ( after Shaban) in which Muslims all round the world observe Fasting from Fajr (Sunrise) to Maghrib (Sunset), during the whole month of Ramadan. As soon as the first cresent moon is observed Muslim all over gather in Mosques for obligatory prayers and people Start buying their essentials for suhoor (pre-dawn meal).

Quranic month

Ramadan or (Ramzan) is also called The Quranic month since the The Holy Quran was revealed upon the holy prophet, Muhammad (s.a.w) who is sent as a blessing for the man kind after Prophet ESA (Jesus) according to Islam.

The 27th Night (or one among the last ten nights) of this month is believed to be the Night of Decree ( Lay-la-tul Qadr), the most Powerful night. As stated in Quran, this is the night when the Angels and spirits descend down the earth by the permission of their Lord and that this night is better than a thousand months. Lots of blessings fall upon this night till dawn.

Ramadan Practices – Poor benefited

Ramadan is a month when Muslims follow the commands of their Lord strictly. Apart from Fasting people who are benefited from their Lord are commanded to do charity and give alms to the poor so that the one who is needy also gets benefited through it. Fitr ( a fixed amount prescribed every year) is a must for every Muslim who fast to give to the poor and people in need in order to make his fasting and prayers acceptable by the Lord.

Five pillars of Islam

  1. Shahada (Faith) – The oneness of the God and Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) his messenger.
  2. Salah – compulsory prayer 5 times a day
  3. Hajj – Pilgrimage in Mecca
  4. Sawm – Fasting during the Holy month of Ramadan
  5. Zakat – The compulsory alms ( apart from Fitr of Ramadan)

How Ramadan 2020 will help People and Poor amid Corona Fight back

Since it is obligatory for every blessed Muslim to give alms to the poor, Many poor and needy gets fulfilled through this ritual and they get as much what they long for times. Muslims have been warned by their Lord for their Fasting and whole night Prayers to be unacceptable until they give out there obligatory alms. Now this ensures the Poor and the needy to get their rights given from their Lord.

According to the five Pillars of Islam, one among them is paying Zakat (the compulsory alms) each year which is 2.5 % of the total wealth of a blessed Muslim. This is must and compulsory.

Since Ramadan 2020 is on the days of CoronaVirus Pandemic, when a large number of people specially in the lower class and poor sections are affected because of the ‘Government-imposed’ Lock down and many of them in some countries is facing Hunger and Helplessness, this holy month can bring delights as there will be more helpful hands during this month.

The obligatory alms that will be given during Ramadan 2020 will help ease poor and minor sections of the society while in the harsh days of the Lock down.

Corona Virus has effected a mass of people round the Globe. Some Countries like India (https://netizenstrend.com/unemployment-after-coronavirus-corona-effects-20/) is facing a real hard time fighting this weird Pandemic. Hence, the fall of Ramadan 2020 can bring ease in society both physically and Spiritually.

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