Read and Follow 7 New Health Trends to boost immunity

Immune system is a network system within the body that fights against Bacteria and Viruses. It is a crucial part of the body that acts as a shield and protects any foreign invaders to enter into the blood cells of our body. Learning the 7 New health trends is a way too important for Netizens to boost immunity.

What is Immunity

There are minute Creatures in the world that exists as living beings and live on hosts such as blood cells to feed themselves. These are Micro Organisms called Viruses, Bacteria or fungi and feed on human blood cells and try to enter and invade in our body.

To fight and resist from these foreign invaders to enter into our blood stream, God has gifted our body with a fighting Network called Immune System. The ability of Resisting from these micro organisms is said as the Immunity of the body.

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Why Is it Important to boost immunity

According to Central for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an immunity is defined as the person’s ability to fight any disease through the Anti-bodies that are present within them. These are body Produced Proteins that fights and kills the Viruses or Infections.

There are two types of Immunity that generally exists.

Active Immunity

Active immunity results when exposure to a disease organism triggers the immune system to produce antibodies to that disease. Exposure to the disease organism can occur through infection with the actual disease (resulting in natural immunity), or introduction of a killed or weakened form of the disease organism through vaccination (vaccine-induced immunity). Either way, if an immune person comes into contact with that disease in the future, their immune system will recognize it and immediately produce the antibodies needed to fight it.

Active immunity is long-lasting, and sometimes life-long.

Passive Immunity

Passive immunity is provided when a person is given antibodies to a disease rather than producing them through his or her own immune system.

A newborn baby acquires passive immunity from its mother through the placenta. A person can also get passive immunity through antibody-containing blood products such as immune globulin, which may be given when immediate protection from a specific disease is needed. This is the major advantage to passive immunity; protection is immediate, whereas active immunity takes time (usually several weeks) to develop.

However, passive immunity lasts only for a few weeks or months. Only active immunity is long-lasting.

What are the New Health trends that one should Really Follow to Boost Immunity

Eat fruits rich in “Vitamin C” to boost Immunity

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New health trends – Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C helps building immune system thus boosting immunity

List of Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C acting as immunity booster:

No.Fruits high in “Vitamin C”Vitamin C” mg / 100 Gram
1.Guavas228.3 mg / 100 gm
2.Kiwi92.7 mg / 100 gm
3.Papaya62 mg / 100 gm
4.Strawberries58.8 mg / 100 gm
5.Oranges53.2 mg / 100 gm
6.Lemon53 mg / 100 gm
7.Mango36.4 mg / 100 gm
new health trends, boost immunity, boost immune system,vitamin c fruits
new health trends – Green Vegetables helps in boosting immunity

List of Vegetables rich in vitamin C to boost immunity

No.Vegetables high in “Vitamin C”“Vitamin C” mg / 100 gm
1.Broccoli89.2 mg/ 100 gm
2.Cauliflower48.2 mg / 100 gm
3.Cabbage 36.6 mg / 100 gm
4.Spinach28.1 mg / 100 gm
5.Turnip21 mg / 100 gm
6.Green bean 16.3 mg / 100 gm
7.Radishes 14.8 mg / 100 gm

Eating a Healthy Diet and Avoiding some bad eating also helps in boosting immunity. New health trends also focuses on developing better immune system by following a good diet and excluding some unhealthy and toxic foods and drinks.

1. Avoid Smoking a lot on daily basis

According to CDC, Smoking harms and put bad effects on the immune system. Too much of Smoking on regular basis destroys immunity. People who smoke gets more health problems and suffers longer in compared to those who never smoke.

Nearly half of the American’s cause of Premature Death is due to Tobacco Consumption. Read Reports of CdC

2. Avoid Consuming too much Alcohol

Alcohols are the Cause of Certain Cancers and other health problems specially related to liver. Researchers has currently Concluded that Alcohol weakens the immune system and thus makes it difficult for a body to fight against viruses and other infections.

3. Take a Good Sleep at Night.

Sleeping Less can adversely effect the bodies immune system. studies say people who don’t get a good sleep loose their immunity potential and often fell ill due to the decreased ability of virus resistance.

4. Eat Fruits and Vegetables that are Fresh and Healthy.

Pick up fresh Fruits and Vegetables from the market and consume it daily for building a better immunity. Avoid Colored Vegetables and Polished fruits that can be toxic for the body.

5. Maintain A good Body Weight by following a proper diet

Over weight and Obese People also Suffers from Various diseases because they loose the ability of being healthy due to lower immunity. Try maintaining a balanced weight by following a proper diet and avoid eating excess junks.

6. Take out some time for workouts and Exercise.

Wake up early, Drink some water and go for a long walk. Try learning some new health trends and fitness Exercises to keep your body toned and immune strong.

7. Relax after a Stressful work and keep your mind Cool and Calm.

If you are tired of Working all day in office or Home, then take a break. Call your buddies, arrange an evening party, take a tea break with your family, Play some Music and take some deep breaths..

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