Unemployment after CoronaVIRUS goes High| Corona EFFECTS on India in 2020

The Year-2020 graph of Unemployment after coronavirus in INDIA is rapidly increasing. An Epidemic that arouse from China’s Wuhan later turned out to be Pandemic that no one had ever thought of. Unemployment after coronavirus in India goes high and has aroused a situation of panic after the corona effects came into light. India as well as the whole world is fighting the 2020 Year challenge on effects of Coronavirus over Unemployment.

“Unemployment after CoronaVirus Vs Corona effects” – in India

The rate of Unemployment in India has always been an issue since years. Here is a graph representing the monthly rate of unemployment in India.

Graph of unemployment in India

source: tradingeconomics.com

The rate of unemployment in India of some cities were recorded highest as (28.4 percent) in Tripura, (25.8 percent) in Haryana and (22.8) percent in Jammu & kashmir.

Current Reason behind growing unemployment after CoronaVirus in India

THE LOCKDOWN – The main reason behind the growth of unemployment in India for the year 2020 is the Lock down done due to the effect of coronavirus spreading. A lot of people are abandoned by their companies and the jobs for them are no more. People who are jobless before, goes on a no- hope like situation to get jobs anymore.The business is closed down and so are their incomes. Salaries in many Private companies are paused to pay. Infrastructure and Development works has been suddenly stopped which has made the below average class people(labourer) jobless.

Some powerful Steps should have been consistently taken as soon as the 21 day Lock down was announced by the Indian Government. ALAS, There were much more unexpected things that happened but No one ever cared for a solution.

Some weird steps followed during the lock down and their Consequences

  • Sudden lock down ceased all the business works.
  • Online services like Flipkart and Amazon too paused across the Country.
  • Some Grocery and Milk exportation resumed which also resulted in thousands of milk wastage.
  • Shopping malls, Foods, Grocery, meat and fish market were completely closed down till further actions. Though some of them resumed yet, Rumors like (Spreading of virus through meet,egg and milk) round the country made them helpless, stopping from their market downfall.
  • The Police (as reported through some channels and social medias) in some parts of cities, were brutal and thus they even thrashed people who came out from there homes in necessities.
  • There are Patients admitted in Hospitals suffering from other illness and many who had to be admitted in emergency, For none of them was any arrangements made properly and there was a chaos all around.
  • People (below middle class, i.e. labors) working in cities far away from their homes were in panic as no transportation system was available during the lock down. Many among them were even empty stomach forced to flee on foot.

Coronavirus effects in India

Now since the Pandemic CoronaVirus has widely spread all round the Globe, the effect of corona has worst affect on economy and the rate of unemployment in India. It is hard to control since the reason behind this is many but solutions are a few.

corona effects on Indian Economy

Due to the coronavirus outbreak a large impact on India’s economy has been reported. India is also a trade partner of china and since trade from china has slow down it is leading to a huge impact on chain disruption, commodities and economic slowdown. Besides these, there are many challenges India is facing for the economic downfall within the country. The Lockdown made by the Indian Government, the only reason to fight for this Pandemic, can give disastrous results on economy.

Possible Reasons of economic downfall in India

  • The whole market is shut down that is leading to less income and thus less tax revenue.
  • Railways and Roadways are all shut down to carry Passengers which is making a huge revenue loss to the Government
  • Flight bookings and other Delivery services adds great impact on revenue.

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